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Ulster Bank Emergency Cash

We were tasked with creating a PR and content campaign for Ulster Bank to highlight its innovative Get Cash and Emergency Cash services. The target demographic was millenials and young premiums in the Greater Belfast area.

We created an integrated campaign including the following elements:

Ulster Bank Emergency Cash

Ulster Bank Emergency Cash

  • Carrying out research which showed that Christmas is a hotspot time of year for people losing, forgetting or misplacing their bank card
  • Wrapping some of Ulster Bank's ATMs in Belfast city centre to make them glow in the dark in the run up to Christmas to highlight that if you forget or lose your bank card you don't have to be stuck without cash
  • Issuing a press release and photo about the research and ATMs to highlight that people are likely to lose or misplace their bank card around Christmas, but there is an innovative solution
  • Partnering with Belfast Live for a paid content campaign to highlight the services, highlight solutions to Christmas emergencies, and to run a competition to win some emergency Christmas cash
  • Partnering with an Instagram lifestyle influencer to challenge her to do her Christmas shopping using only the Get Cash service
  • Doing a drop to journalists, bloggers and influencers of a little glass emergency box filled with items to help with last minute Christmas emergencies with a message to break glass in event of Christmas emergency and info about Emergency Cash

  • Creating a range of digital content for the bank and influencers to use on their channels including gifs, videos, Instagram graphic galleries, facebook images, and infographics
  • Partnering with Q Radio to offer consumers help with last minute Christmas emergencies from Ulster Bank's branch in the centre of Belfast, with a free present wrapping service, free last minute Christmas items including cards, gift tags, and wrapping paper, as well as the chance to win emergency presents for people you may have forgotten about
  • Partnering with local commedians Shane Todd and Dave Elliott to create video content featuring Todd's comedy alter ego Mike McGoldrick misplacing his bank card and Ulster Bank's service coming to the rescue

The campaign generated a large amount of media coverage including on all of Northern Ireland's commercial radio stations, in all of NI's daily newspapers and their websites, and on key online outlets. A wide range of journalists, bloggers and influencers also talked about the campaign on social media. In addition, the content generated a very signifcant amount of engagement on social media. For instance, the video with Shane Todd and Dave Elliott was viewed almost 40,000 times on Mike McGoldrick's Facebook page alone, completely organically, with almost one thousand likes and hundreds of positive comments. The video was also picked up by news sites including Belfast Telegraph and Belfast Live.

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