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Digital Content

We have a dedicated digital content team

Digital Content

We’ve been expert content producers for decades. Today we have a dedicated digital content team working with the likes of SPAR, Ulster Bank, Balmoral Show, Ulster University's Business School and Novosco to deliver creative content campaigns.

Our team has particular expertise in video content creation, working for a wide range of leading organisations in Northern Ireland and beyond.

We also have particular expertise in producing and directing highly professional live streams, for instance via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and own a wide range of equipment to run these, including a television switcher and a multi-camera setup.

Our in-house team includes full-time content marketers, writers, multi-media designers and video producers.

We can help you with

  • Consulting and strategy
  • Idea generation
  • Content production – video, live streams, graphics, podcasts, blogs and blog posts
  • Distribution & Optimisation 
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation


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