• JPR becomes JComms

    JPR becomes JComms

    This year, we mark 40 years in business. So we thought it was a great time to reflect the changes that have been taking place within the company with a fresh new brand.

    As you know, our core business is, and remains, public relations. But, as you also know, we’re much more than that, with events, content marketing, and digital marketing experts in our team.

    We’ve therefore taken the decision to become JComms. It’s not a huge departure from JPR, you’ll agree, but we think it better reflects the breadth of our services, and the more integrated nature of what we do. And you can read more about what we do for our clients in the work section of the site.

    We hope you like our new name, new colours, and new logo.

    We've also updated our email addresses: / 02895218382 / 02895218383 / 02895218381 / 02895218385 / 02895218384 / 02895218386 / 02895218387 / 02895218389 / 02895218391 / 02895218392 / 02895218388

    Download a contact details card here.

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