• Why PR is important for penguin...

    Why PR is important for penguin...

    We provide our clients with a lot of value. And they appreciate it. We help them win new business; recruit great employees; build productive relationships with stakeholders and influencers. And lots more besides.

    But one thing we’ve been doing that some of them don’t even realise is to help optimise their web presence for search engines.

    You see, Google has been on a mission to better serve ‘searchers’. It wanted to deter those who were gaming the system, and reward those providing great content instead.

    Google’s series of updates – including the quirkily-named Panda and Penguin – illustrate that it is trying to crack down on the dubious yester-year techniques of ‘SEO experts’, like creating lots of low-quality links.

    Rewarding excellent content that is naturally relevant and of interest to people is what it is all about.

    And this puts PR right at the top of the pile when it comes to what is important in SEO.

    PR practitioners now have the potential to very significantly influence where their clients appear in search rankings.

    Here’s how:

    Creating multi-media content
    We’re creating great multi-media content for our clients which they’re using on their websites – video, audio, images, slide presentations. Google ranks this kind of content highly and rewards sites carrying it.

    We’re helping our clients create great content for their blogs – fresh, up-to-date, shareable, and appreciated by their audience. Google loves blogs and rewards sites with blogs that carry great posts with relevant topics and keywords that people are sharing.

    The power of a good link
    News websites tend to be seen by Google as influential and credible. A link from a respected website can therefore be a very powerful thing. And we’re generating lots of online news content – and links – for our clients.

    News for owned media
    Because we’re generating lots of news for clients, this is regular content for their websites, which helps keep the site up-to-date and changing regularly. Google likes this.

    Generating sharing
    Social signals are now extremely important in SEO. By creating great content for our clients that is shared on social media, we are helping generate lots of SEO-valuable social signals.

    Influencer outreach
    Influencer outreach is a key part of PR campaigns today. Identifying and engaging truly influential people can be a big SEO boost. A blog mention, retweet or +1 from a real influencer can bring very big SEO benefits.

    Thought leadership
    Part of what we do is to turn our clients into thought-leaders. By securing guest contributions from them on authoritative sites with a link back to their site, we are leveraging PR for SEO.