• Social media examples you need to see...

    Social media examples you need to see...

    There have been some great and some not so great examples recently by organisations of social media use. Some have been labelled PR triumphs, others PR disasters. Here are just a few examples worth looking at.

    Taking the biscuit
    Tesco Mobile got creative on Twitter during a conversation with some of its customers last Thursday. This led to a bit of a brand party as the Jaffa Cakes, Yorkshire Tea and Cadbury Twitter accounts all joined in. The result – a hilarious, much-talked-about, engaging conversation that built a lot of goodwill with a lot of people. You can (must!) follow the gist in this Buzzfeed post.

    The bear and the hare
    The John Lewis Christmas TV ad already has over 7million views on YouTube. It has had hundreds of thousands of mentions on Twitter. And the positive reaction the ad has had appears to be translating into additional sales, with receipts for the week since the launch topping £100m for the first time in 2013.

    Snap, crackle and flop
    Kellogg’s got on the wrong side of Twitter when a marketing campaign was promoted with a tweet directly linking a retweet to the donation of breakfast to a vulnerable child. Many were outraged. One follower, @BotanyGeek tweeted: ‘Anyone else find this kinda creepy? Like sayin “Help us advertise or kids go hungry”.

    Out of the question
    JP Morgan cancelled a planned Twitter Q&A with one of its senior investment bankers after the hashtag for the initiative was flooded with abuse. The company had requested questions be sent in advance using the hashtag #AskJPM. As one Twitter user put it, the company had effectively put a ‘kick me’ sticker on its back. (You can read more about it in this New Yorker article.)

    Check back as we’ll be adding some more soon.