• The latest social media changes you need to know about

    The latest social media changes you need to know about

    There’s a saying that the only constant in business is change. Nowhere is this truer than in social media.

    Recently it feels like it’s a case of another day, another significant change by one or more of the main social media networks. You could soon loose track.

    So here are some of the key recent changes that you should know about:

    Twitter is becoming Facebook. Ok, not quite. But it is making video and photos appear in your timeline by default without having to click on a tweet. This will make Twitter look and feel more like its bigger rival. It will also have benefits for Twitter’s social video service Vine, to which the changes will apply, unlike photos and video from Facebook’s Instagram. You’ll still have to click on a link in the tweet to see these.

    Vine is becoming Instagram. Ok, I exaggerate again. But only a bit. Last week Vine (owned by Twitter, remember) introduced some new upgrades that will allow you to save and edit your posts. You can now save up to 10 Vines at a time and come back to them later. You can also now edit out parts of your video, making Vine a lot more like video on Instagram (owned by Facebook, remember).

    Google+ has just introduced a range of new enhancements, including updates to Hangouts. Google is also set to require you to have a Google+ account to be able to comment on YouTube. This will almost certainly help Google to increase the number of people signed up to Google+ in its quest to make it the number one social network.

    Pinterest has just announced the introduction of ‘related pins’. This update will, they say, make it easier for users to find fresh pins that “they will love”. As part of the move, ‘related pins’ will appear in your homefeed. They are pins picked for the individual user based on the things they have shown an interest in.

    Instagram has announced plans to allow advertising for the first time. These ads will be integrated into a user’s photostream and will be labeled ‘sponsored’.

    There are plenty more changes happening. Keep up to date with them by following us on Twitter at: @JPR_Social