• Budget a PR success

    Budget a PR success

    'Evening Standard-gate' aside, it would be hard to argue that Budget 2013 hasn't been a PR success for UK Chancellor George Osborne – particularly in comparison to the 'omni-shambles' that was Budget 2012 (when 'pasty-gate' was deep-filled with negative headlines).

    Even a cursory glance at the Chancellor's projections for economic growth and the UK's public borrowing will reveal a gruesome picture of low growth and eye-watering debt.

    However, through clever, low-cost, headline-grabbing measures, the Chancellor has been able to secure media coverage that has been by-and-large neutral, at worst, and in some cases broadly positive. (I've barely heard or seen the word 'gimmick' used!)

    Small business lobby groups have labelled the Budget pro-small business, whilst there have been welcoming statements from bodies including those for publicans, engineers, house builders and retailers.

    With the depth of the challenges comforting the Chancellor and the relative shallowness of some of the positive measures he announced in comparison, to have achieved the media result that he has is a bit of a win.

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