• The myth of 'online PR'

    The myth of 'online PR'

    There is no such thing as online PR. Arguably, it never really existed. The line was always a blur. Now it is absolutely fictional.

    So much so, that use of the phrase by PR professionals should set alarm bells ringing.

    Talking about it implies a belief in offline PR – a kind of PR that can be practised without regard for the internet, blogs or social media. A kind of PR boxed off from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the rest. There is no ring-fence.

    Yes, there are campaigns that target particular media to reach particular audiences. But nothing stays online or offline. You cannot compartmentalise.

    Media stories emerge from social media conversations. Social networks like Twitter are awash with chatter and comment about what's in the newspapers, being said on radio, or shown on TV. Newspapers publish on the web. Consumers listen to radio via the internet. They watch TV via the internet. They tweet while they’re doing it. Mobile. Tablets. Smart TV. The convergence is almost total.

    Reputation management does not start or end with a keyboard and an internet connection. It means knowing and understanding what is being said about your organisation “ wherever or however it is being said – and influencing it in a strategic way.

    There is no online PR or offline PR, just PR.

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