• Top apps for enhancing your PR

    Top apps for enhancing your PR

    Some top app suggestions for PR professionals and to help firms enhance their PR.

    TuneIn Radio
    To be effective at PR, you need to know what’s going on in the world. You need to know what’s happening in your sector, what your competitors are saying to the media, what opportunities there are for you to be interviewed or have your story covered, etc. TuneIn Radio app for iPhone, Android or Blackberry is a great app for listening to just about any station anywhere.

    Twitter app
    PR is about two-way communication. Listening is absolutely essential to good PR. Listening is one of the key benefits of using Twitter. Get the Twitter app for your smartphone and use your Twitter account wherever you are to listen to key media outlets, competitors, thought leaders, customers etc. This will help you react quickly to issues and exploit opportunities.

    LinkedIn app
    LinkedIn is good for listening too. Whether that’s in good groups relevant to your sector or by following thought leaders, for example. It’s also great for making connections with influencers and people you want to build a relationship with. LinkedIn’s apps aren’t brilliant. But they are essential.

    Facebook Page Manager app
    Get updates from your Facebook page wherever you are and respond in a timely way to people commenting on your posts or posting messages to your page. Responding quickly to questions, issues or criticism can be critical to managing your reputation.

    Meeting people at events and making connections with them is a key way to build your network of contacts and influence. With Cardmuch, you can take a picture of their business card on your iPhone and it will be converted into a contact on your photo automatically, including showing you their LinkedIn profile information and the connections you have in common.

    Bump is another good app for transferring contacts. It also has other uses. It allows two smartphone users to bump their phones together to transfer contact information, photos, and other objects to each other over the Internet. It can be useful for passing on e-press packs and information to people attending your events. According to Wikipedia, it is the eighth most popular free app of all time.

    Instapaper app
    Keeping up to date with news, reading blogs, and reading articles on the web are all part of being an informed PR professional. If you’re like me, you will come across interesting things on the web all of the time that you want to read but don’t have time to do so at the time. Instapaper saves articles for later reading on web browsers, Apple iOS and Android devices, and Amazon Kindle. After registering a free account, the service saves articles that users select with its “Read Later” bookmarklet and presents them in a minimal, readable text layout.

    Audioboo app
    Everyone is now a publisher. You can publish audio content on your website, blog or social media channels easily. With Audioboo’s smartphone app, you can record content from your events and announcements and publish them immediately.