• 10 things not to do on Twitter...

    10 things not to do on Twitter...

    OK, here’s my list of 10 things I see people doing on Twitter that they really shouldn’t.

    1. Don’t mention somebody at the start of your tweet if you want all of your followers to see it. If the @ sign is the first character in your tweet, only the person you mention and the people who follow both you and they will see the tweet appear in their timeline.

    2. Don’t beg for RTs and follows. It’s OK to occasionally ask your loyal following to retweet something important to help spread the word, but don’t ask famous and influential people who don’t follow you to retweet your tweet to help you get more followers. This is spammy and also pretty dumb. People will follow you if you are offering something of value (humour, useful information, interesting views, deals etc). If you are having to beg for followers, this will imply you are tweeting nothing worth following.

    3. Don’t use too many hashtags. This looks spammy. It also makes the tweet hard to read. It can be very irritating to see every other word in a tweet hashtagged. Really you should only have one or two hashtags in any one tweet.

    4. Don’t tweet anything that you wouldn’t be happy to see in a newspaper. Anything you tweet is being put into the public domain (unless you protect your tweets). If your profile is open, when you tweet something, it is subject to the same libel laws as something published in a newspaper.

    5. Don’t constantly tweet about the number of followers you have (“Just three followers off 500, can I get a retweet!”). This is really dull and misses the point of Twitter.

    6. Don’t click links in tweets or messages that say things like: “I lost 5 pounds in a week” or “Have you seen the awful things this blog says about you”. It will possibly lead to your account being hacked and the same tweets being sent out repeatedly from your account. That’s a sure-fire way to lose followers. If your account is hacked, act quickly: change your password (to a strong password), apologise to your followers and reassure them you have it sorted.

    7. Don’t follow lots and lots of people and then unfollow them if they don’t follow you back. Firstly, if you have big ‘follower negative equity’ (i.e. you are following far more people than are following you) it makes you look uninteresting and not worth following. First impressions are important. Following lots of random people is also not the right way to get a relevant, interested, engaged audience. And you’ll have to put up with lots of tweets in your timeline that you’re not interested in.

    8. Don’t tweet too much or too little. Nobody wants to see 10 tweets in a row from the same person in their timeline. On the other hand, if you only tweet once a month, potential followers will see you as inactive and maybe not worth following.

    9. Don’t retweet the tweet about someone trying to find out how far a tweet can go. We’ve all seen this rubbish, right? Or the one about the person asking you to retweet if you agree Twitter is better than Facebook? This is soooo last year, and soooo boring. When people retweet these, I find it very hard not to unfollow them.

    10. Don’t be part of #TeamFollowBack. Ahhhhhh! That’s all I have to say on that one.

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