• 10 ways for small firms to enhance their PR and social media presence in 2013

    10 ways for small firms to enhance their PR and social media presence in 2013

    Just some of the accessible ways your small business can enhance its profile in 2013.

    1. Social media is becoming more and more a ‘visual’ experience; embrace it. Users expect it. Pinterest and Instagram are amongst the fastest growing social media platforms, and Facebook has become ‘the image appreciation society’. Look at how Barrack Obama uses infographics to deliver his message and ask how you can use imagery to do the same.
    2. Facebook has put in place new measures to limit how many of your page’s followers see your posts organically. You need to find ways around this. You can pay for key posts to be seen by all your followers. Even better – use creative images and ask your followers to share them.
    3. Use your smartphone to take some nice images for your blog. Make them quirky and build up a stock of them to use, and reuse. It will help set your blog apart from competitors’.
    4. If you have slide presentations, use Slideshare to share them. You can grab code from Slideshare and embed your presentations into your blog to help illustrate your blog posts.
    5. If you are a B2B business, make sure you have a LinkedIn page. More and more people are using LinkedIn, and new profile and page designs are helping. Business journalists are also increasingly moving to LinkedIn to research stories.
    6. Google Plus may not have become the Facebook-killer many thought it might be, and indeed many are walking away, but don’t forget that your Google search results will be influenced by your Google Plus activity. A strong presence on Google Plus can really boost your search results.
    7. Make sure your web presence works well on mobile – not just in terms of design, but also content. You need to be punchy and succinct in the mobile world. Brevity is essential.
    8. Doing something interesting? Record a short clip of yourself talking about it on your smartphone or tablet and email it with your press release to your local radio stations (or upload to Audioboo and email a link). Local radio stations are increasingly stretched and welcome good audio content provided to them. But make sure the recording is informative and isn’t ‘pluggy’.
    9. Are you launching a new product that needs demonstrating? Why not record a short, professional product demonstration video and upload to YouTube to provide to relevant blogs and news websites to use. Also send it to relevant journalists with your press release who might be convinced to write/report about the product by seeing it in action.
    10. Want to provide media with a series of photos? Why not use flickr rather than emailing lots of large files. Sign up and create a ‘set’ of your images and email a link with your press release inviting journalists to download them. (Check your licensing settings.)