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  • Don't bring me stories, bring me geeks

    Don't bring me stories, bring me geeks

    I had the pleasure of attending a great event last night organised by PRmoment. I was in London for another reason (at the CIPR) but it was a bonus to be able to also squeeze in PRmoment’s first two speakers before I rushed to Gatwick for a flight home.

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  • How to irritate a journalist

    How to irritate a journalist

    Journalists are busy people. They very much appreciate PR practitioners who help them do their job. And they get extremely irritated by those who annoy them or hold them back. For PR people who want to stay in a journalist’s good books, here is a list of things you will definitely want to avoid doing, but which we are told by journalists that some PR people so often do:

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  • Does PR need more geeks?

    Does PR need more geeks?

    The PR Moment blog has a great sounding event in London this week. It will ask the question ‘Does PR need more geeks?’

    Speakers will include Mark Borkowski, founder of, and Alex Aiken, Executive Director, UK Government Communications.

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  • Video on a roll online...

    Video on a roll online...

    When you open a newspaper and it’s full of videos, you need to take note.

    I subscribe to a Sunday newspaper’s iPad edition, and it has gone big on video. Video highlights of soccer matches in its sports section. Video to complement news and features. Video interviews in business. Video commentary from columnists.

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