• This is why PR is the best investment you'll ever make.
  • The latest social media changes you need to know about
  • Video on a roll online...

    Video on a roll online...

    When you open a newspaper and it’s full of videos, you need to take note.

    I subscribe to a Sunday newspaper’s iPad edition, and it has gone big on video. Video highlights of soccer matches in its sports section. Video to complement news and features. Video interviews in business. Video commentary from columnists.

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  • The press release is dead - long live the press release
  • PR and social media for Ireland's largest ever sporting event
  • No one is seeing your Facebook posts

    No one is seeing your Facebook posts

    I didn’t like having to break the news to him, but it’s better for him to know. As PR manager for a large organisation, the gentleman I was taking to (not a client) was very proud of the fact that has team had “built up thousands of Facebook fans” and was churning out dozens of posts per week. He was astounded to hear that almost no one was seeing them.

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  • Budget a PR success

    Budget a PR success

    ‘Evening Standard-gate’ aside, it would be hard to argue that Budget 2013 hasn’t been a PR success for UK Chancellor George Osborne – particularly in comparison to the ‘omni-shambles’ that was Budget 2012 (when ‘pasty-gate’ was deep-filled with negative headlines).

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  • Penalising the AVE

    Penalising the AVE

    Members of the CIPR will have known for some time that the institute is no fan of the advertising value equivalent (AVE). And those of us in the industry who understand the logic of this, have been avoiding AVE measurement, where we possibly can.

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  • The myth of 'online PR'
  • Dealing with negative search results

    Dealing with negative search results

    You can be sure that potential customers, potential funders and people you give your business card to are probably going to ‘Google’ you. If they return some negative results about you or your company, it can potentially be off-putting and damaging to your reputation.

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